Terms & Conditions

General delivery terms


1. These general delivery terms apply to the extent that no change or addition has been made by written agreement between the parties. For all quantity data, heights and other dimensions stated on the drawings that were used as a basis for preparing a quote/order, the customer/purchaser is liable if the drawing or measurement has not been prepared by us.


2. Designtak's offer is valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

Order confirmation

3. Designtak's written order confirmation is binding on the purchaser if no objections are made within eight days.

Manufactured goods

4. Changes to production orders are possible during the waiting time of five working days for production described above, and after this time changes (such as size, delivery date, addresses, etc.) are still possible, but will be charged at 4% of the order value, however there is a minimum cost of SEK 300/occurrence for the costs arising in connection with the modification. The change is considered complete when a new order confirmation is sent to the customer. For an order, for which processing has begun, the actual costs for materials and work will also be charged. Delivery times can also be changed at this time. Stock orders are released immediately and any objections should be raised immediately, otherwise there is a risk of being charged as above.

5. Stock items are normally shipped three business days after the order date.

Shipping & Delivery Terms 6. Delivery Costs

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will take place DAP to the specified delivery address upon payment of the freight surcharge. Extra shipping costs will be added when delivery information changes after the booking of transport.

7. Damaged goods

Upon delivery of the goods, the driver and recipient must inspect the goods together to check that nothing is missing or damaged. If something is damaged or missing, it must be noted on the consignment note before being signed.

If this is not done at the time of delivery, the recipient cannot claim compensation for visible damage or missing goods. For invisible damage and invisible goods, the recipient can claim compensation no later than five days after delivery. The claim must be in writing! For international transport, no later than seven days, Sundays and other public holidays included.

8. Not unloaded / received goods

In the case of not unloaded / received goods, Designtak reserves the right to charge the customer to cover the costs of shipping and handling. Please note that your goods will remain with the shipping company for approximately two weeks before being returned to Designtak.


9. Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser shall pay the price stated by Designtak in the order confirmation. In addition to the agreed price, the purchaser must compensate for any VAT incurred thereon. Should there be any export or import fee, tax or other similar levy or changes thereto, or changes in commodity prices or exchange rates occurring after the conclusion of the agreement for the goods, Designtak may, even if the introduction or change in the levy, or the change in commodity prices or exchange rates has not been taken into account, change the price accordingly.

Payment and interest on late payment

10. Invoicing of goods takes place upon shipment / delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made to Designtak no later than 30 days after the invoice date. If payment is not paid in due time, interest will be charged at 8%. All delivered materials or delivered goods will remain the property of Designtak until full payment has been made. If the purchaser fails, for a reason for which Designtak is not responsible, to receive the goods on a specified date, payment shall still be made as if delivery had been made in accordance with the agreement. If the purchaser has not paid within three months of the due date, Designtak is entitled to cancel the agreement by written notification to the purchaser. Designtak then has, in addition to the interest rate, the right to compensation for the damage suffered caused by the delay.


11. Warranty 5 years in accordance with ABM 07, counted from the delivery date from Designtak.

Also see our Operation and Maintenance Document.