Designtak delivers the highest quality designed and fitted door canopies. The door canopy has a unique aluminium construction that provides long service life with minimal maintenance requirements. Retailers include well-known construction chains, and they also sell to house manufacturers and large construction companies. With headquarters in Vetlanda with a factory area of ​​3000m².


It all started with a cold winter. Two experienced sheet metal workers, Eddie Wingren and Daniel Hallgren, began to tire of installation in the cold, snow and rain. Over the years, they had built many entrance ceilings and realised how much time it would take. Here, the idea of ready-made, functional and aesthetically pleasing door canopies was born. A vision we couldn't let go of!

Eddie explains: building door canopies takes time, and in order to achieve a really good result, a skilled craftsperson is required. In the meantime, there were only a limited number of ready-made door canopies, of varying quality and appearance, on the market. We utilised our knowledge of roofing and construction and produced a series of designed maintenance-free door canopies in different styles.

Success was not long in coming, and today Designtak is the biggest door canopy manufacturer in Sweden. The products are also delivered to our Scandinavian neighbours, while the rest of Europe knocks on the door.