Payment Options

Designtak offers you four different payment methods. Retailers and companies may request to deal against an invoice directly from us. Private consumers can purchase against invoices via Klarna or Nets. In the case of invoice payment, a customary credit check is run and an approval is needed to use that benefit.

When paying by credit card, the amount is deducted when the purchase is made. The available payment methods include:

Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout makes it easy, flexible and safe for you to shop online. By answering a few questions, you can easily identify yourself and you can choose the payment method that suits you best. Klarna Checkout distinguishes between purchase and payment. First you confirm your purchase and then you choose how you want to pay. Either with Klarna Invoice or Klarna Account – or by card or bank transfer. Everything is equally secure. If you wish, you can associate a pin code with Klarna Checkout. Most commonly used debit cards work like Visa, American Express, MasterCard etc. View Klarna's full terms and conditions for Klarna Checkout HERE. A more detailed description can be found HERE


Pay Pal

When you use your credit cards with PayPal, they work exactly the same as when you pay directly using a card. But you don't have to enter your details every time you shop. If you have a bonus in your card, you will of course earn points as usual. With PayPal, you can pay online, transfer and receive money. With PayPal, you connect the service to your account. That way, you can use any credit card associated with that account. If you don't receive an item, or if the item differs significantly from the description, PayPal can help you get your money back, and your card details are securely stored in your PayPal account. PayPal is a secure way to pay on the Internet and is used by hundreds of millions of users. More information can be found HERE


NETS Easy Checkout gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a quick and easy way to pay for their orders using Visa, Visa Dankort, Mastercard, Swish (Sweden) and invoice/partial payment. All online transactions are protected by 3D Secure, a security solution developed by the VISA AND MASTERCARD CARD networks. Nets is a very safe method that has been around for a long time and has been developed over many years. With Nets, you can make purchases, get paid, and even transfer money. Nets offers a complete solution. More information can be found HERE (only available in English)