Order process

 1. Payment options

Designtak offers four different payment options:
Klarna Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout, Nets Checkout and with Invoice.

A detailed description of the various payment methods can be found at the bottom of each page under the link "Payment options"

The option with Invoice is only offered to companies and then you enter the option "Company" in the “drop-down list” (multiple choice options list) at the top left of the page: "Checkout" where you make your purchase. More on that under section 6.

2. The article page

Note: At the top right of the page, to the right of the flag symbols, you can specify whether the prices should be displayed with or without VAT.

Each page contains a description and images of the selected canopy as well as the depth of the product. The price can also be found there. If there is an ongoing promotion or campaign, the old price is crossed out together with the reduced price with the discount rate as a percentage. Discounts only apply to canopies that can be selected by selecting in the multi-selection boxes.

2.1 Multiple choice boxes

Width: Enter the width of the roof here. The alternatives are those included in Designtaks' standard range

Color: Here you enter the color/sheet material of the roof. A standardized RAL number is followed which describes the color in that code.

Soffit/Spotlights: Here is what color the soffit should be and whether lighting should be included. You can also choose different colors for the lighting armature.

2.2 Water discharge

In cases where it is relevant, enter on which side the water runoff should be. The discharge takes place in the front corner of the canopy. It is normal to choose a drain on the same side as the hinges placed on the door underneath.

2.3 Add to basket

When the selections are made, the quantity of the selected product is indicated. Then you click on the "Add to basket" button and the selected product ends up in the webshop's shopping cart

2.4 Add to wish list

If you don't want to make a purchase right away and want to be able to return to the article you were looking at, you can save your choices under a wish list. By clicking on “Add to wish list” you need to choose “share” and send it to your own (or others') e-mail.

2.5 Facts and Download

At the bottom of the product page, you will find an assembly video and short inspiration clips together with short facts about the product and downloadable documents in pdf format.

3. Checkout

By clicking on the shopping cart at the top right (the shopping cart is visible on all pages outside the checkout itself, you can see a short summary of the choices you have made together with the cost of the item. By clicking "Checkout" you will be taken to the checkout page where you complete your purchase. You can also change the quantity and also delete products from the shopping cart.

3.1 Shop as

In the dialog box "Shop as" you specify whether you are a private customer or whether you are making a purchase as a company. You also state which country you live in to be able to make a shipping calculation.

You can also check the checkbox if you want to receive a newsletter from Designtak with offers, news, inspiration or tips & tricks. Here you can also get useful information about maintenance and things to think about.

3.2 When choosing "Company"

If you choose to shop as a company, a dialog box opens where you are asked to fill in your international VAT registration number.

3.3 Create a login account

If you make a purchase as a company, you can create a login account. As a logged-in customer, the prices in the store are adjusted to the agreed discount. As a private customer, no discount is offered, but you can create an account to collect purchases you make and make notes.

Note: If there is a campaign in the store, an order should be placed without being logged in (alternatively, place the order directly to Designtak's email [email protected]) because campaign prices are not included when you are logged in, only the retailer discount.

4. Your order

Under the dialog "Your order" you can see which choices you have made. Here you specify how many copies of the product you want. You can also delete the choices made. At the end of the dialog, there is a cost summary that also includes shipping.

4.1 Promo code

In cases where discount codes are included (as part of a promotion, for example), it is entered here. The prices in your order are recalculated and you get the correct price.

4.2 Add a comment

If there is anything for Designtak to consider regarding the purchase, it is stated here. This can apply to everything from how you want the shipment to be sent to certain considerations during transport.

5. Shipping method

Here you can find the type of shipping that has been selected, the cost of the same and special information to the Designtak in connection with the transport are announced.

6. Method of payment

Here are the different payment methods: Klarna Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout and Nets Checkout. A more detailed description of the payment methods can be found at the bottom of each page outside the webshop.

If you have indicated that you are making a purchase as a company and correctly entered your VAT number, the Invoice option is also available.

7. Your data

Here you fill in your email address and customer number. You can also see a summary of the data you selected earlier. You can also choose to pay by card. You are then forwarded to the respective payment service's payment page where you make your choices and complete the purchase.

Depending on the country you are in, the dialog box may look different, but you are always asked to provide your details about the delivery address, contact email and organization number

If you have other questions about the payment methods, you can contact the provider of the payment services directly or contact us at [email protected]