Everything you need to know about how to easily change the look of your house with a door canopy.

Glass door canopy

Are you looking for an entrance roof that blends into the surroundings in an elegant way without being the eye-catcher on the entire house?

Wooden door canopy

If you ask the question why you should not buy a wooden ceiling, but instead a sheet metal or glass roof from Designtak, the answer is quite simple.

Snow load map

Would you like to know in what snow load zone your city is located? Click to learn more. 

Sheet metal door canopy

With an door canopy in sheet metal from Designtak you can easily change the appearance of your entrance for the better.

Door canopy

Door canopy is called a free hanging roof over an entrance, door or a patio. Door canopies can be designed in many different ways, for example as a planing roof, pulpit roof or as an arched roofing.

Porch roof

Setting up a porch roof from Designtak over your patio is not just a way to be able to sit outside even when it is raining. It also protects the front of your house against weather and wind.

Build a canopy

Have you long thought about building a canopy (entrance roof) but does not really know how to proceed? Designtak have the solution for you.

Canopy bike rack

A canopy from Designtak for your bike rack is like a garage or carport for your car.

Canopy front door 

With a canopy from Designtak over your front door, you not only change the appearance of your entrance, but you extend the life of your door by many years.

Canopy air heat pump

Do you really need a canopy for the air heat pump?

Canopy over balcony

With a canopy from Designtak over your balcony you will get a complete solution from the beginning.


Plastic door canopy

It can feel like a cheap investment to buy a plastic entrance roof. As a one-off cost, this may be the case, but what will your plastic roof look like after a while?