Rainbow D=900

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Product description

Rainbow is a semi-circular door canopy with a modern look that stands out and gives your property that extra special touch. This particular model is a deeper version of the Rainbow Small and has been designed for those who are looking for more thorough protection while retaining the unique shape.

The frame is made of aluminium profiles, and the plating used is Plannja GreenCoat Glossy PRO BT.
You can choose to have the underside of the door canopy in the same color as the upper side or in white lacquered aluminium.
If you are looking for an illuminated door canopy, you can choose recessed spotlights in the roof; these are available in three different colors.

Installation is very easy thanks to the low weight, and the installation instructions provided will save you both time and money. Despite a robust construction, we are able to keep the weight of our products relatively low thanks to the materials we use. As a result, our entrance roofs also have a long service life and require minimal maintenance.


  • Built-in gutter for rainwater collecting.
  • One of the market's most maintenance-free sheet metal roofs.
  • Hand-crafted in Småland.
  • Meets building standards and applicable requirements for snow zone three and IP class 23.
  • Cheaper than site-built roofing of sheet metal, as done traditionally.


  • Use a silicone/construction joint seal between the canopy top plate and the house facade.

Assembly Instructions




Brand Designtak Rainbow
Width (mm) 1500 | 2000
Depth (mm) 900
Weight 1500mm-25kg | 2000mm-33kg            
Colour See colour palette
Warranty 5 years
Material Sheet metal/aluminum frame
Spotlights (optional)1,5m=2st | 2m=2st
Max load 350kg per m²

pdf Installation instructions
pdf Scale drawing

pdf Colour palette
pdf White / Silver LEDs 3W       

pdf Care instructions      

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