Easy Collection Delta Small D = 1000

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Product description

Easy Collection entry eoofs can be easily assembled with just a few clicks. The Delta small series is our second deepest entry roof in glass. With a depth of 1000mm, it offers a lot of protection for your door and facade. With an entrance roof in glass, you have excellent natural light and a roof that blends in nicely with the facade.

With all the design variations for your entrance roof, our series from Easy Collection is Designtak's trendiest roof. When you want to let in a lot of light, glass plate is a perfect fit as a cover over your entrance. This entrance roof fits well when you want real protection for your entrance. Despite its size, this roof does not feel bulky, but blends well into most facades. Designtak's Easy Collection roofs are suitable for villas as well as apartment buildings, and also commercial properties that need a smart entrance roof.

Our glass roofs are both laminated and hardened for safe durability.

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Brand Designtak Easy Collection
Width (mm) 1500 | 2000 | 2500
Depth (mm) 1000
Weight 1500mm-45kg | 2000mm-62kg | 2500mm-78kg
Colour Black, Silver, White
Warranty 5 years
Material Glass/Stainless steel frame
Max load 350kg per m²

 pdf Installation instructions
 pdf Scale drawing
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