Modern Flat D = 955

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Product description

Modern Flat  is a trendy door canopy with a flat look. The canopy is held up by oblique struts made of natural anodised aluminium, which give it a modern and trendy look.

Available in nine different colours, all with soffits in white lacquered aluminium sheeting and in widths: 1500 mm, 2000 mm and 2430mm.

Thanks to the materials used, the door canopy has a long service life with minimal need for maintenance!


  • Available with recessed LED spotlight
  • Built-in gutter for rainwater collecting.
  • One of the market's most maintenance-free sheet metal roofs.
  • Hand-crafted in Småland.
  • Meets building standards and is CE marked according to EN1090-3.
  • Cheaper than site-built roofing of sheet metal, as done traditionally.


  • Use a silicone/construction joint seal between the canopy top plate and the house facade.

Assembly Instructions




Brand Designtak Modern Flat
Width (mm) 1500 | 2000 | 2430
Djup (mm) 955
Depth (mm)1500mm-25kg | 2000mm-34kg |2430mm-40kg        
Colour See colour palette
Warranty 5 years
Material Sheet metal/aluminum frame
Spotlights (optional)1,5m=2st | 2m=2st | 2,5m=3st
Max load 350kg per m²

pdf Installation instructions
pdf Scale drawing

pdf Colour palette
pdf White / Silver LEDs 3W       

pdf Care instructions      

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