Inner Corner
Artikelnummer: IC205-9006-H

/inner corner/IC205 InnerCornerRight 2.05 Silver Top
/inner corner/IC205 InnerCornerRight 2.05 Silver Topdesigntak-miljobild innercorner top finaldesigntak-miljobild innercorner bottom final

Water outlet
Width (mm)

Inner Corner was designed for houses that have their entry in conjunction with a corner. The orientation of the flat outer side of the roof can of course be adjusted as desired. Due to this unique design it has finally been made possible to give doors at the corners of a facade a very classic and stylish look as well.

It is available in nine different colors, all with ceiling in white painted aluminum sheet. Available in three different widths: 1550mm, 2050mm and 2550mm.

Thanks to the unique aluminum construction it is very easy to mount.

With our maintenance-free materials, the entrance roof has a long life with minimal maintenance. Give your house a facelift through solid plate workt!


  • Available with small recessed ledspotlights.
  • Easy to mount with the supplied bracket
  • Built-in opening with drain to the left or right.
  • One of the most maintenance-free sheetmetal canopies on the market.
  • Crafted by hand.
  • Meets building codes and is CE marked, according to EN1090-3



Brand Designtak Inner Corner
Measurements wxh (mm) 1550x350 | 2050x350 | 2550x350
Weight 1550mm-26kg | 2050mm-34kg | 2550mm-42kg
Depth (mm) 950
Warranty 5 years
Material Metal sheet/Aluminium
Spotlight (optional)

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